CMC isn’t just another milling center. We provide opportunities for personal growth and professional development to all staff members. Working alongside some of the industry’s most experienced and dynamic technicians, you’ll receive hands-on experience on the most cutting edge software and mills anywhere.

We’re always looking for motivated and talented staff who are ready to put their skills to use helping our laboratory partners grow their business. If you pride yourself on quality workmanship, customer service and consistently work to make a positive impact in your workplace, contact us to become part of the CMC team.

Dental Designer (Job Number R101983)

Job Description: Responsible for reviewing and executing design files for in house and outsourced production requirements using 3Shape and other dental design software. Maintain communication with customers concerning design needs and issues, modify and re-design units as necessary, and note all changes. Informs production department of additional requirements to the design, and notifies CAD Department Manager of changes to cost and materials as necessary.

Location: Golden, CO

  • - Experience with 3Shape Software
  • - Dental Laboratory Experience
  • - Dental Assistant experience or education.

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Sr. Quality Specialist (Job Number R102679) :

Job Description: The Sr Quality Specialist is responsible for inspecting all outbound production while monitoring and documenting product quality in support of the company’s quality goals and initiatives. This position also provides feedback, recommendations, and trend data to management.

Location: Golden, CO

  • - Minimum of 2 years in an implant department with a total of 5 years of fixed crown and bridge or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • - 7 to 10 years of dental/production line experience.
  • - 2 to 5 years supervisory/management experience preferred.

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Manufacturing Supervisor (Job Number R102979) :

Job Description: The supervisor is responsible for assigned department operations management and personnel management.  The position supervises the following functions: milling, printing, nesting, within the milling center. In addition, ensures sufficient coverage to complete departmental workload and oversees team members in assigned departments.

Location: Golden, CO

Experience: A minimum of 5 to 10 years’ formal training/experience in Mechanical Engineering Technology including:

  • - Experience with CAM software
  • - CNC Programing and Machinery
  • - Experience working in ceramics,  metals and metal forming
  • - Rapid prototyping and 4-5 axis milling machines
  • - Good Problem Solving Skills
  • - Excellent written and good verbal English communication skills.
  • - Must be able to read Rx requirements and communicate effectively with staff and customers the provisions required on any and all scripts provided to the department
  • - Two years of experience in a lead or supervisory role, preferably in a dental lab environment. Minimum1 year of experience utilizing case management software.

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