Neoss® Abutments

Custom Milling Center now offers exclusive Neoss® custom-milled genuine abutments. Featuring a genuine Neoss collar, we do not utilize third party manufacturers and their scan body locators because we know that precision is absolutely necessary. Before delivering blanks to CMC, Neoss pre-mills the genuine collar connection to ensure optimal fit.

Each Neoss abutment purchased from Custom Milling Center includes a Neoss Gold Crystaloc Screw.

In addition to the competitive price, Neoss custom abutments from CMC qualify for both the CMC and Neoss warranty programs. Custom Milling Center’s innovative modular workflow provides design and fabrication services for both soft tissue models and STL files.


Platform Type Titanium Zirconia Hybrid Torque
3.25   32
3.5 - 5.5   32

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Harness the power of Custom Milling Center’s innovative modular workflow and the peace of mind that comes when you prescribe genuine Sweden & Martina abutments. As an authorized Sweden and Martina milling center, CMC fabricates patient-specific zirconia and titanium abutments. Titanium abutments are fabricated from pre-milled interfaces for guaranteed ideal integration. Provide your doctors the reliability of genuine Sweden & Martina components.

CMC’s design services team can expertly develop patient-specific abutments from your impressions or files. Either way, in-laboratory turn times are quick and consistent to make case planning easy.

CMC partner laboratories succeed with the support of the nation's premier outsourcing center:

  •      • Fabricated from pre-milled interfaces for authentic components.
  •      • 24-hour in-house turnaround time for Ti abutments from STL.
  •      • Files must be received by 2:00 PM MST.
  •      • Fee UPS overnight shipping on every abutment case.
  •      • Exclusive 7-year warranty.
  •      • Design services by highly skilled implant technicians available.
  •      • Optional gold-hue anodization for improved esthetics.
Patient-Specific Abutments

Designed to each case’s anatomy, patient specific abutments provide the most precise implant abutment solution available. Available in titanium or zirconia, all CMC abutments are covered by our 7-year limited warranty, and are compatible with most major implant platforms. Titanium abutments may be anodized in gold hue or pink to absorb less light and improve esthetics.

CMC provides abutment design services. Laboratories with a 3Shape or Dental Wing scanner can expand their capacity and offer in-house design services with our scan locator kit.

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