Sweden & Martina

Harness the power of Custom Milling Center’s innovative modular workflow and the peace of mind that comes when you prescribe genuine Sweden & Martina abutments. As an authorized Sweden and Martina milling center, CMC fabricates patient-specific zirconia and titanium abutments. Titanium abutments are fabricated from pre-milled interfaces for guaranteed ideal integration. Provide your doctors the reliability of genuine Sweden & Martina components.

CMC’s design services team can expertly develop patient-specific abutments from your impressions or files. Either way, in-laboratory turn times are quick and consistent to make case planning easy.

CMC partner laboratories succeed with the support of the nation's premier outsourcing center:

  •      • Fabricated from pre-milled interfaces for authentic components.
  •      • 24-hour in-house turnaround time for Ti abutments from STL.
  •      • Files must be received by 2:00 PM MST.
  •      • Fee UPS overnight shipping on every abutment case.
  •      • Exclusive 7-year warranty.
  •      • Design services by highly skilled implant technicians available.
  •      • Optional gold-hue anodization for improved esthetics.